We begin by creating a sacred and safe space. We invite our higher self, our Creator and our guides to support our process as we set our intention. Through guided visualization, we travel to a blessed level of consciousness that helps us work more deeply with intuitive and spiritual guidance. Utilizing ancient rhythmic breathing techniques we access the reptilian brain where most of us live our reactionary lives. Through the breath, we harness the light and illuminate the dark corners of our being. We quiet the thinking mind, calm the nervous system and allow the energy to move freely. Once the energy is moving, we remove the blocks and barriers that ultimately control our lives. Transformation can happen in an instant and each session allows us to travel farther and explore deeper corners of ourselves. These practices will open the doors of our heart, align us with our life purpose, and welcome an unending flow of peace, love and creativity.


Breathwork uses the breath and spirit to access non-ordinary states of inner-awareness for the purpose of self-exploration and healing*. This powerful experience weaves the mind, body and emotions together to transform your current reality and empower your authentic self. It is not for the faint of heart as it is a powerful and transformational modality; harnessing the Prana (the conscious life force) with a two part breath meditation that leaves you in an ecstatic stillness as it deepens your connection to your soul.

Shamanic Journeying is a multidimensional approach for spiritual healing. Your intention is your goal as you are taken to a non-dualistic plane. In this quantum reality your intention affects the outcome; time and space are non-linear as you re-write your karmic history which allows clarity and ownership of your current circumstances. As you navigate your past, present and future self; energetic keys are created and offered to you through the Creator. These energetic keys are offered with an open hand to keep you in your highest integrity and aligned with your highest potential. You must agree to them before they are downloaded into your energetic field, allowing you to exercise your sovereignty over your life. Once downloaded, these keys unlock learned patterns, blocks, barriers and agreements that no longer serve you.




Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying.




Through one-on-one sessions or collective gatherings.




Self Discovery & Personal Growth.